Looking Back

Looking Back At My Life

When I look back at my life and see how far I have come, it makes me feel extremely blessed to see the progress that has taken place in my life. I come to realize that when life leaves me broken, I don’t always stop and take the time to thank the Lord for holding me close and never letting me go. Many times I feel that I am disappointing the Lord by allowing my past to control my future. I often ask myself these questions.

  • What have I accomplished for the Kingdom of God?
  • Am I just going around in circles?
  • Am I living up to my full potentials?
  • What is my true purpose?
  • Have I missed the signs?
  • Have I missed interrupt the life lessons I needed to learn from my past?
  • And how can I ashore that I am progressing towards the ultimate goal?

For me the saddest thing would be, missing my purpose because I have been holding onto my past pain. If I am not careful, I can become consumed with my past carrying it around like a backpack that is full of rocks. The only thing holding on to my past does for me, is slow me down, steal my joy, and prevents me from fulfilling my purpose. To me this would be a major defeat to my life, like being alive but not living, just existing without a purpose.

I will say this, I know my true calling is not to sit and wallow in my past. Besides; I know there is a lesson to learn, and the sooner I learn, the faster I can fulfill my purpose in the Kingdom of God.

As this year-end, I will say the Lord has been very good to me.  From time to time when I am face to face with problems, an overwhelming fear of the unknown emanates me, followed by panic. And just when I think the bottom of my life is going to fall out the Lord whisper in his still soft voice.  He used verses like Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” When I read this scripture I marvel at how our heavenly Father can penetrate any darkness to bring comfort in the nick of time. How awesome! Let us never forget to pray and give thanks for all that our father has accomplished in us. And most of all, that which still needs to be accomplished through us.